Barbara Palvin (source: Hungary Today)

October 8 is Barbara Palvin’s birthday.

Barbara Palvin has led a charmed life. Imagine being born so pretty that you were able to become a model, but also being born so pretty that you really didn’t really have to work that hard at being a model. She’s that girl. She’s already spent half of her young life posing for the camera and raking in the dough.

I don’t want to diminish her accomplishments, but she really doesn’t have to do much to make money besides just showing up at her gigs. She’s not one of those girls who inspires photographers and makeup artists to challenge our notions of what’s beautiful and what’s fashionable. I don’t mean that as a criticism. Barbara Palvin is terrific at being Barbara Palvin.

Her natal chart on astrotheme.com has a time of birth of 4:00 PM on the nose, so I don’t really believe it. Her moon is definitely in Cancer, though, because it lands right in the middle of the sign on the day she was born. There is nothing else really remarkable about her chart, though, besides the near-exact conjunction of Uranus and Neptune (they are 7″ apart). That is a generational aspect, of course, but being born on the day that it was exact can be a big deal if the planets are somehow personalized through their placement in the houses. However, I don’t know if they were personalized without an accurate birth time.

What I can say about the model is that she probably doesn’t go very long in between boyfriends. The Libra sun/Cancer moon combo can reveal a character that is inclined to partner up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she steps away from modeling to have a baby soon. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she gets married a few times. With Venus in Virgo, she’s probably a little insecure in relationships: distant and closed-off when she shouldn’t be. Combined with a Cancer moon and both Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, she’s probably the jealous type, too, and quite needy.

But I’m just speculating! I never believe a birth time is accurate when it is on the hour itself, so without that info, I could have her all wrong. I may never know . . .

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