Vladimir Putin (source: Metro)

October 7 is Vladimir Putin’s birthday.

I suppose that the time of birth for Vladimir Putin on is close to correct, but any time I see a birth time exactly on the hour or the half-hour, I’m suspicious of the source. Does he really have the sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in the twelfth house? Does he really have an eighth-house Gemini moon? I’m just not sure where to begin with this one.

What I do know about Vladimir Putin is that he’s not Donald Trump. He’s smarter, more politically savvy and far better at being a despot than the Manchurian Pumpkin. I’ll give him credit where credit is due. He also likes dogs. I think it’s weird that Donald Trump and his heinous children like to shoot animals but don’t like to make friends with them.

What else I know is that Vladimir Putin and his policies don’t really have much of an impact upon my life. The same goes for Donald Trump.

Once again, I’m experiencing some political fatigue. I believe that I need to take a step back from all the bullshit going on as these power-hungry men attempt to capitalize on the blind stupidity of their followers. I need to worry about myself and where my life is going. I need to be more selfish. I need to be more like them.

There’s a new moon tomorrow on the doorstep of my first house. It’s a great time to end an addiction in order to forge a new beginning. I need to end my obsession with American politics and put all this bullshit that is wearing on my soul behind me.

Thanks, Vlad, for making me see that it’s time to move on.

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