Cerberus (source: YouTube)

Today in Chinese astrology, it’s a triple dog day. That means that it is a dog year (something that happens every twelve years), a dog month (something that happens every twelve months, and a dog day (something that happens every twelve days). Put all those factors together, and it’s a rather rare occasion.

Of course, there’s going to be another triple dog day in twelve days from now. But the next time a dog day arrives after that, we’ll be into the pig month on the Chinese astrological calendar.

I know that the dog symbolizes my “money star” in Chinese astrology. This is supposed to be a good year for me financially. I think my luck has been okay and I have been learning to live with less, but I sure haven’t been raking in the bucks.

Anyway, I’m going to buy some lottery tickets today. I’m not really sure what else I should do. The last time I blogged about something like this was on a triple chicken day, and I don’t remember if anything special happened back then. I really ought to pay more attention to Chinese astrology, but I’ve got enough to do trying to keep up with Western astrology.

We all have our specialties. Mine is obviously recognizing when I’m getting distracted by something and then blogging about how I’m not going to let it happen again right before it happens again . . .

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