Participation Trophy (source: Crown Awards)

For a few hours this evening, I’ll have four planets in my first house all at once. The sun makes its entrance into that sector of my chart tonight, joining the moon, Mercury and Venus. The moon moves out a few hours later, but for the next nine days, I’m going to be able to bask in the glow of the three remaining heavenly bodies. After that, I’m still going to have another three weeks of the sun shining on me, and because of its retrograde phase, Venus doesn’t move on until December.

So, what does that all mean to me? It means that I ought to get out in the world and make a spectacle of myself. I need to participate a little more in activities that will allow me to leave an impression upon others. I need to be “out there,” if you know what I mean.

While I haven’t actually decided how I’m going to get out there, I am feeling good about myself. It shouldn’t be difficult for me to earn myself a participation trophy because I am in the mood to participate. If anything, this configuration of the planets should be energizing.

It’s not uncommon to see the sun, Mercury and Venus in close proximity. Some years it happens over here, and some years it happens over there. Wherever it is currently happening in your own chart, you could do yourself a favor by investigating how it is making you feel at the moment. Venus’ retrograde conjunction with the sun in a couple of weeks can represent an emotional trial borne out of the current circumstances. Personally, I ought to be sure that I’m not allowing my self-confidence to put me in a position that will have me eating my words shortly after this month’s full moon. The potential is there for me to overrate my capabilities.

Perhaps I should wait a little while to order myself a trophy . . .

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