Cardi B (source: PEI Guardian)

October 11 is Cardi B’s birthday.

I don’t really care for Cardi B’s music. A few decades ago, all I listened to was rap. Nowadays, I find that most rap music lacks in the hooks and melodies that made me like it in the first place. It bores me. To me, “Bodack Yellow” is the dullest rap song ever to make it to number one on the Billboard charts.

Cardi B bores me, too. However, our differences were written in the stars. She has a remarkable grand cross in her natal chart that would make most astrologers gasp. If we actually knew her time of birth, this planetary configuration could become unusually tight in its orbs. The moon completes the aspect, especially if she was born near noon.

Using a midday birth time, her sun sits at 18°35″ Libra. She has Uranus at 14°12″ Capricorn, just ahead of Neptune at 16°14″. The moon was at 17°37″ Aries at noon on the day she was born, opposing the sun just a couple of hours later. Mars is the fourth element of the grand cross at 15°08″ Cancer.

A chart like this just confirms the notion that the most successful people sometimes have the most difficult charts. I wouldn’t look at this major configuration of planets and predict great success for whoever possessed the aspect in their natal chart. But I don’t have a time of birth for Cardi B, so I’m missing a big piece of the puzzle.

What I do know is that I have 15°-18° in the cardinal signs highlighted in my own cardinal-heavy natal chart. My sun, for instance, opposes Cardi B’s Mars within half a degree. I’m not supposed to like her! The planets have spoken!

I’m not really an expert on the astrology of relationships, but there is tremendous tension between those two planets and plenty more in our charts. Her natal Saturn, for instance, is on the same degree as my natal Mars in Aquarius. Her natal conjunction of Venus and Pluto sits atop my natal Neptune.

It’s so weird to find a chart that connects with mine in so many ways. It’s even weirder to discover that chart belongs to someone whom I have never found to be interesting until now. Suddenly, I want to learn more about Cardi B, though, because I’ve never, ever seen a chart that seems to be so hostile in its inception to mine. It is as if the universe has conspired with the planets to provide me with a foil. Cardi B might be my nemesis!

Okay, I’m just kidding around now. But I’ve really got to pay attention to what she’s doing because I could probably learn a thing or two about myself by studying her more closely. Just as long as that means not having to listen to her horrible music . . .

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