Hugh Jackman (source: Us Magazine)

October 12 is Hugh Jackman’s birthday.

Hugh Jackman has an interesting horoscope with little clusters of planets here and there throughout his chart. The only real outlier is the moon in Gemini (if you consider that Saturn shares a spot in Aries alongside the north node).

That Gemini moon seems important to me. Jackman is sort of a Jack-of-all-trades. He acts! He sings! He dances! There aren’t a lot of performers nowadays who can do as much as he does.

I would not normally expect that from a Libra native who also has Mercury in Libra. That combination can reveal a character who is more of a thinker than a doer. I’ve seen it in the charts of many “armchair critics.” However, Jackman does have Mars in Virgo.

I would put that Mars in a house that would endow him with the desire to seek out the spotlight, like the fifth. That makes sense, right? If he had a Pisces rising, he could potentially have the sun and Mercury in the sixth house, which also makes sense to me because he so well-disciplined. It would also put his moon in the fourth house, which would make even more sense because he has one of the most stable relationships in show business. His Scorpio Venus could then be placed in the seventh house, mitigating its detriment and explaining his magnetism.

I’m sure I’m right. Well, sort of sure. I’d really love to know his time of birth so that I could know whether or not my guesses are as informed as I believe they are. Now that Hugh Jackman is fifty years old, his career is probably over, so maybe he’ll have time to let me know.

Call me, Hugh . . .

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