Tiffany Trump (source: Town & Country)

October 13 is Tiffany Trump’s birthday.

If I had to rank Donald Trump’s children in order of odiousness (from most-disgusting to least-disgusting), Tiffany would come out smelling like a rose. Sure, Barron hasn’t done anything to earn my disgust, but I have very low expectations of how he’s going to turn out considering his genetic makeup. As the saying goes, “you can’t wash the stink off . . .”.

If he’s smart, however, he’ll put a little distance between himself and the rest of the family. That worked for Tiffany. She’s the black sheep of the Trump family. What’s weird, though, is that there is nothing in her chart indicating that sort of personality. She’s probably not that disagreeable. She’s not much of a rebel. She’s probably pretty good at holding a grudge with both Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, but that seems as if it might be her worst quality.

I suspect that she is a little cold and emotionally distant at first glance, but that she does feel things quite deeply. With a Capricorn ascendant and both the moon and Venus in Virgo, her ability to close herself off to people who harm her emotionally is quite well-developed. Those factors, along with some harmonious outer-planet aspects, bode well for Tiffany Trump. She has some long-term stability built into her chart.

I know that she’s in law school at the moment. Law is probably a good career for her. She has the chart of someone with good judgment, so perhaps there’s a place for her in the judiciary someday. Give it forty years or so, though. It’s going to take a long time for most Americans to forget where she came from. To be honest, I can’t blame them.

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