Honey (source: National Geographic)

Mercury forms a conjunction with retrograde Venus in Scorpio tomorrow afternoon. Scorpio is the astrological sign that is known for its “sting,” much like the bee in the photo posted above. However, when these two planets come together in the sign of the Scorpion, we can benefit by coating everything with honey in order to smooth over tense situations. It’s a sweet, mollifying aspect and an opportunity to put out positive vibes into the universe.

For that reason, I’m going to say something nice about every sign of the zodiac. I know, right? It’s like every other day on this blog. Enjoy!

Aries: Laughing with you, laughing at you . . . who cares as long as they’re laughing?

Taurus: If we could see smells, you would be glowing!

Gemini: Kanye, Trump and you — what a team!

Cancer: Don’t let anyone tell you that inner beauty isn’t enough.

Leo: No, it doesn’t look like wig!

Virgo: They’re all looking at you. THEY’RE ALL LOOKING AT YOU!

Libra: No, I meant wishy washy as a compliment.

Scorpio: The people who call you a whore are wrong. You’re a slut. There’s a big difference.

Sagittarius: Lots of people have been to jail, but you’re still special in your own way.

Capricorn: You’re the good kind of terminally boring!

Aquarius: The way that you stand your ground in the most unreasonable situations even when every single piece of evidence proves that you’re wrong is quite admirable, really.

Pisces: I like the color of your happy pills!

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