Carmen Kass (source: Front Row)

September 14 is Carmen Kass’ birthday.

It’s not only Carmen Kass’ birthday today, but it’s her fortieth birthday! Where does the time go?

Carmen Kass had an interesting career. She was discovered as a fourteen-year-old, but she wasn’t really what the industry was looking for at the time. When she returned as an eighteen-year-old, her career began to gather some momentum. However, it wasn’t until people started rejecting girls like Carmen Kass that she became a superstar.

In between “Heroin Chic” and the “Brazilian Bombshell” movements in modeling, someone needed to carry the torch, and that someone was Carmen Kass. She could be as plain and vacant as Amy Wesson, and as sexy as Gisele Bündchen. I remember her doing incredibly dressed-down campaigns for Les Copains while simultaneously opening and closing Victoria’s Secret shows. She was everything a working model should be, and that’s why she worked as much as she did.

But is that work ethic indicated in her natal chart? Well, she does have the sun, Mercury and Saturn in Virgo. Her Aquarius moon could account for her somewhat detached appearance. She wasn’t exactly the warmest-looking model, but she did add an aloof air to whatever she was trying to sell, and that can only be considered an asset in the luxury business. She also has Venus in Scorpio in mutual reception to Mars in Libra. Well-expressed by house placement, it can be a sexy combo.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a birth time for Carmen Kass. If I had to make a guess, I’d give her an Aries rising. That would put the aforementioned aspect in the sexy eighth house, the Virgo planets in the work-related sixth house, and the Aquarius moon would be strongly-placed in the eleventh house.

But I’m just speculating . . . for now. One day, the world is going to discover this blog and all my questions regarding celebrity birth times will be answered. Right?

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