MakeApp (source: Yahoo!)

Mercury forms an opposition to Neptune later today. As a result, we may be a little self-deluded this evening.

Watch a tendency to misrepresent yourself, especially online. Don’t spend the evening on Instagram playing with filters and apps that make you look like someone else. Also, don’t go trolling for sympathy by making yourself look worse. This planetary position can just as likely be used for garnering pity. Imagine Angelina Jolie using the make-up removing app demonstrated in the “after” photo above and posting a caption “I’m so plain. I wish I was prettier.”

Both planets are in the signs over which they rule. The energy of this brief aspect should be strong and fairly influential over people who have 15º in any of the mutable signs highlighted in their charts. I believe it’s a fairly crazy aspect and I also believe that people will do crazy things as the opposition grows closer. Think of it as a full moon: just as brief and just as weird, only with martyrdom and self-pity as its themes.

It will all be over tomorrow. Until then, just avoid anyone who is begging for sympathy unless they truly deserve your attention.

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