Stephen Sprouse & Marc Jacobs (source:

September 12 is Stephen Sprouse’s birthday.

I remember the buzz around Stephen Sprouse in the mid-to-late eighties. I was just a kid in my early twenties when the designer’s name was on everyone’s lips, and even then he seemed like some sort of fashion unicorn. His clothes were known for being incredibly expensive, so no one was wearing them in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

And then Wayne Gretzky got married in 1988. People called it the “Royal Wedding” of Canada. One of Janet Jones’ visiting cousins sat in my section at work wearing a Stephen Sprouse dress. I knew what it was immediately because it was that distinct — the sort of thing that anyone who had picked up a fashion magazine of the era would recognize immediately.

That was around the time of Sprouse’s second-coming. He had been the buzziest name in fashion once already, but he wasn’t selling enough clothes to justify the hype. By the following year he was closing stores again. Until Marc Jacobs resurrected his career in 2000 with his Louis Vuitton collaborations, Sprouse was largely forgotten.

When I punched up his natal chart, I noticed a striking similarity to the chart of Jeremy Scott. Both designers have a largely vacant area in their horoscopes containing many of the same signs. I sometimes think that if Stephen Sprouse had just lived a little longer that he would have been calling the shots at a label like Moschino. Jeremy Scott may not have had the business failures that characterized Sprouse’s career, but he didn’t really hit his stride until he started to work for someone else. At one point, didn’t even cover Jeremy Scott’s shows. I remember going to “The Cut” to see what he was doing because everyone else was ignoring him. Now people can’t stop raving about his clothes.

So, is there something about that chart type that indicates a personality more inclined to be a stellar employee than a leader? It’s something I should look into. While the two designers don’t share similar planetary placements, they do share charts that have huge tracts of empty real estate, with Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces highlighted because of what they lack.

Maybe I’ll do that . . .

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