Mars (source: New Scientist)

Mars is back in Aquarius until the middle of November. Its recent retrograde cycle saw the red planet backtrack through the last few degrees of Capricorn, but now it’s picking up speed and retracing its steps.

I don’t believe that Martian energy fares particularly well in Aquarius. I have Mars in Aquarius in my natal chart, but that’s a topic for another post — one of those delightful anecdotes where I go on and on about myself. For now, though, I want to discuss how the cosmic climate changes when Mars moves through the sign.

Mars makes people want to have their own way. It engenders bossy, aggressive behavior. Aquarius is the sign where we are supposed to put our own interests on the back-burner for the “common good.” However, I don’t really believe that about Aquarius. In my latest book, “Star Struck Style,” I discuss the different versions of the myth of Ganymede and how it relates to Aquarius individuals:

Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer: a mythological figure carrying an overflowing vessel on his shoulders. The constellation Aquarius represents a particular character from mythology: a boy named Ganymede. Ganymede was the loveliest of all mortals. For that reason, he was summoned to Mount Olympus by Zeus where he became the cup-bearer to the gods. Many astrologers have attempted to use the myth of Ganymede to connect your zodiac sign with the notion of service and self-sacrifice. However, there are two renditions of the same story. One claims that Ganymede grew weary of being a servant and impetuously poured out the water he was obliged to bear, causing massive floods on earth. The other contends that Ganymede charitably gave humanity the water of the gods because they needed it. Of course, these two versions of the myth represent exactly what I discussed in the previous section: depending upon your cosmic makeup, you can just as easily be one thing or the other. Attempting to idealize you as a paradigm of godlike perfection is foolish when you are just a mere mortal like Ganymede himself, subject to the same impulses as the rest of us.

Mars can bring out the worst part of Aquarian energy, and yet it happens in a manner that is detached and distant. It’s the sort of thing that allows us to attack each other online because we don’t immediately see the repercussions of our actions.

So, instead of doing that, we should all try to be the other version of Ganymede until this transit ends. Let’s be nice to people because we can. Stop giving into your worst impulses. Stop acting out just because you can’t currently comprehend your own role in the larger scheme of things. It’s time to put that energy into the “common good,” without moral judgment or obvious self-interest.

Remember what I’ve been saying all year long: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in Karmic positions in the zodiac. Everything in the sky is working itself out in a manner that will ensure that most of us will get what we deserve in the next few months. Selfishness disguised as charitable conduct will be punished in the not-too-distant future. Don’t be a jerk and you won’t have anything to worry about.

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