Karl Lagerfeld & Choupette (source: W)

September 10 is Karl Lagerfeld’s birthday.

I would love to know what time Karl Lagerfeld was born. Shortly after 9:00 AM on his birthday, the moon moved from Taurus to Gemini, so I don’t really know his moon sign. What’s even more interesting, though, is that Jupiter actually switched signs on his birthday, too. At 6:11 AM (in Hamburg, Germany, where the designer was born), Jupiter made its ingress into Libra.

That’s a big deal. I know where most planets sit in an individual’s chart even without a birth time. Of course, the moon moves so quickly that it’s common for me to have to speculate about its position. But Jupiter? Because its retrograde cycle occurred entirely within the sign of Virgo, it made this single ingress into Libra in 1933.

So, without knowing Lagerfeld’s moon, Jupiter or rising sign, I’m speculating even more than usual. I would hazard to guess that he has a Gemini moon, though, because he is so incredibly Mercurial. That time of birth would put Jupiter in Libra, explaining his refinement a little more clearly without giving up his detail-oriented Virgo nature. This scenario still has the sun, Mercury and Neptune in Virgo.

But if I go a step further and assign the designer a birth time around 7:30 PM, all four of the aforementioned planets would still reside within the cusps of the sixth house. That makes perfect sense to me. It gives him an Aries rising, which could explain his ascension to the top of numerous brands and his somewhat-deserved diva-like demeanor. It also puts his Gemini moon in the second house. Lagerfeld has always been good at making money, spending money, and telling the rest of us how to spend our money. It all makes sense to me.

I’m probably wrong about everything, but it is fun to play this guessing game. I have seen Karl Lagerfeld mention that he is a Virgo in interviews, so maybe there is an astrologer out there who has actually dealt with the man and has an accurate birth time at his or her disposal. If you’re reading this, I would be thrilled to know what you know.

Drop me a line in the comments section.

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