Indeep (source: YouTube)

Venus entered Scorpio this morning where it will remain for much of the next four months. Its retrograde cycle will see it backtrack into Libra for almost all of November before returning to Scorpio in December and then moving into Sagittarius a few days into 2019.

Venus in Scorpio is like the bassline of the song “Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life” by the appropriately-named Indeep: it resonates throughout your body and makes you feel as if your urge to gyrate to the beat is beyond your control. Click the link above and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I’m not trying to say that it’s the horniest position for the planet. Wait a minute — that’s exactly what I’m trying to say! Curiously, when Mars moves back into Aquarius tomorrow, it enters that place in the zodiac where it becomes detached, impersonal and disinterested in making long-lasting connections.

So, what does that mean? Until the end of October, many people will be having indiscriminate, impersonal sexual relations as a coping mechanism to deal with stress. The people who aren’t inclined to seek out that sort of stress release will likely turn to something else physical because Venus in Scorpio is something that demands physical attention because you feel it deep in your bones. I’m expecting an upturn in my class attendance at the gym because people are going to need to get moving in order to maintain their sanity.

If neither of those scenarios appeal to you, then maybe you can take out your frustrations — sexual or otherwise — on the dance floor. There ain’t a problem that the beat can’t fix . . .

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