Michael Kors (source: Today)

August 9 is Michael Kors’ birthday.

Michael Kors has the chart I would expect him to have. He’s a Leo, which isn’t much of a surprise considering how much he likes to tan. His sun is in the seventh house, almost exactly conjunct Uranus (the co-ruler of his Aquarius ascendant), and he has a Libra moon.

In my first book, I actually discussed the designer’s work for the French label Céline in the Libra chapter. That was a long time ago, before Phoebe Philo overhauled the identity of the brand. By the time I wrote my second book, I had moved Michael Kors into the Taurus chapter because of his focus on all-American luxury.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t see Leo and Libra in his work — or in his personality, for that matter. However, the clothing that he designs strikes me as imminently practical. Earthy practicality is the hallmark of the American sportswear business. For that reason, I was not surprised to see that Kors has both Venus and Mars in Virgo.

Practically everything makes sense in his natal chart. Perhaps the most interesting thing about his horoscope, though, is that so many of his natal planets are currently in a similar position to where they were when he was born. The sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all close to their natal positions. When the moon moves through Libra next week, that will mean that five of his planets are in the signs they occupied during his birth.

With much of this action occurring in his massive (48°) seventh house, this is an important time for judicious introspection for Michael Kors. It’s a good time for the designer to ask himself if he is doing exactly what he wants to be doing with his life. Some of the relationships that he has made may need to be put under a microscope because they may not be what they seem.

Whatever happens, I’m sure he’ll be fine. Jupiter will be hovering near his midheaven in a couple of months. By the time it catches up with Saturn in 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a big step back from the company that bears his name. He’s a decadent man and I would completely understand it if he chooses to enjoy a decadent retirement in the not-too-distant future.

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