Christina Aguilera (source: Cosmopolitan)

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius in three months from today.

The reason that I’m pointing that out is that yesterday I officially reached my breaking point with makeup. Girls wear too much makeup nowadays. The trend has to end.

That’s just how fashion works. I see Jupiter moving through Sagittarius as a time for conscious rebellion. If girls are wearing a ton of makeup when the planet moves into the sign, then the opposite trend will become de rigueur. Unlike those rebels without a cause born under the influence of Aries, Sagittarian rebels will claim that their ideals are dictating their behavior. Sagittarius natives like Christina Aguilera will likely lead the way.

This revolt will also have an impact upon the logomania trends that are out of control now that Saturn is transiting Capricorn. The idea that people are wearing logos ironically will become ridiculous as it sounds. You can’t rebel against the commercialism of Gucci while spending all your money at Gucci.

I’m expecting to see the genesis of this revolt against fashion’s current direction very soon. I’ve been predicting a return to “authenticity” for quite some time. The S/S 2019 womenswear shows are only a few weeks away. Change is in the air.

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