Crabs (source:

Look at those cute blue crabs! I love the color combination of that sky blue with those scarlet flowers. I need to do something like that in my garden with blue flowers instead of live crabs.

Anyway, I was just looking at my own chart and I discovered that I am about to experience the double-whammy of the transiting sun opposite my natal sun and Mercury opposite my natal Mars. This weekend will be a doozy!

I don’t believe that I’m a crabby person. However, sometimes when my mind is off somewhere in my own little world, I get this look on my face that people misconstrue as grouchiness. They misread a sort of passive neutrality or disconnectedness for something much more sinister. Sometimes they also comment on it. Nothing makes me crabbier than someone walking up to me and saying “What’s wrong with you?”

That’s sort of my breaking point. I went to a job interview not too long ago and mentioned that as my worst quality to the man who was interviewing me. I told him that the look on my face sometimes tells another story quite different from how I’m actually feeling, but I also admitted that I get awfully defensive when people who barely know me have the nerve to assume that I’m feeling a certain way. I don’t walk up to random people on the street and say “Hey! What’s your problem?”

So, if you happen to see me this weekend and I don’t have a fake smile pasted on my face like a perky, third-rate realtor who advertises on bus benches, don’t mention it. Mind your own fucking business.

You haven’t seen crabby yet . . .

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