V Magazine Fall Preview 2010 cover photo Mario Sorrenti stylist Andrew Richardson model Isabeli Fontana
Isabeli Fontana (source: Women Management)

July 4 is Isabeli Fontana’s birthday.

Look! It’s another Cancer model who has achieved fame and fortune by showing off her curves. I know, right?

Anyway, Astrotheme has a natal chart for Isabeli Fontana that includes a time of birth. I’m a little skeptical of the accuracy of the time because it’s listed as 6:00 PM on the nose. If it is correct, though, it creates a chart that reminds me a lot of my own chart. That makes sense, because I’m also known for my sexy body and model-like looks.

Isabeli Fontana has her sun, moon and ascendant all in cardinal signs, just like me. Along with the sun, Mercury and Mars are both in Cancer. Her moon is in Aries. Saturn and Pluto are conjunct (just a degree apart) in Libra.

What intrigues me is that her Capricorn rising is at 17°34″. My Libra rising is at 17°39″. She has a major planet conjunction (Jupiter and Uranus) in the middle of her eleventh house. I have Uranus conjunct Pluto in the middle of my eleventh house. The combination of cardinality with Uranus making major aspects in its own house mirrors my natal chart. Her moon is conjunct my part of fortune. Her Mars is conjunct my moon. Her Neptune is conjunct my Mercury. All these aspects are curiously close — within minutes, not degrees.

It’s an interesting layout that makes me wonder how I would get along with Isabeli Fontana if we were to meet. There are so many things in our charts that line up, but I don’t perceive most of these aspects as being especially favorable. We’re probably a lot alike, but we’re probably the sort of people who wouldn’t give each other an inch. I could see us butting heads, like family members who don’t get along.

Of course, she would probably take issue with me making her birthday post all about myself . . .

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