Caroline Trentini (source: Fashion Gone Rogue)

July 6 is Caroline Trentini’s birthday.

I suppose that I should devote the entire astrological month to Cancer models from Brazil, since so many of them share the same sun sign.

Caroline Trentini is the queen of the Cancer models, though. Not only does she have Cancer as her sun sign, but also Mercury, Venus and Mars in the sign. I don’t have a time of birth for the model, but I can be sure that her moon also occupies a water sign: Scorpio.

Speaking of Scorpio, Anna Wintour is a Scorpio. Anna Wintour adores Caroline Trentini. I can’t imagine that there is another model who has appeared more often in the pages of Anna Wintour’s “Vogue” than Caroline Trentini. She has been the go-to girl for editorials in the magazine for years now, only disappearing briefly from the layouts when she was too pregnant to fit into the clothes.

One of the things that most of these Brazilian Cancer models have in common is a model-skinny body with shapely breasts. A lot of major-league models are beanpoles without curves — that’s what makes them such great clothes hangers for designers. The few that have nice boobs have won the genetic lottery. They are able to book work that includes high-profile gigs like Victoria’s Secret just as easily as they are able to book American “Vogue.”

Of course, Cancer is the boob sign so this all makes perfect sense . . .

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