Toni Garrn (source: Women Management)

July 7 is Toni Garrn’s birthday.

Here’s something interesting that I discovered today. Of all the models that I’ve discussed in the past couple of weeks since the sun entered Cancer, the one who is known the most for her career off the catwalk has the most planets in Leo.

The sun is the only planet Toni Garrn has in Cancer. Yesterday I profiled Caroline Trentini who has four planets in the sign. She has a relatively low profile and she is currently raising two small children. Toni Garrn has Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Leo. She is currently trying to become an actress. Besides modeling, her big claim to fame is that she dated Leonardo DiCaprio for a couple of years.

This all makes a lot of sense. While there are plenty of Cancer models who make a lot of money, most of them are just as famous for stepping away from the business to raise their families. I can’t think of any others who have been known for their “side hustles” more than Toni Garrn.

Cancer is a protective sign and many crabs shun the spotlight when it is not in their best interests to expose themselves. Leo, on the other hand, is a self-aggrandizing sign that urges those who it influences to not only find the spotlight, but to snatch the microphone out of the hands of those who occupy it.

I expect to see more out of Toni Garrn very soon. It is her cosmic destiny to hog the spotlight.

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