Dame Edna (source: Daily Mail)

Mercury moves into Leo tonight (or probably tomorrow where most of you live).

With it’s upcoming retrograde cycle occurring entirely within the sign, Mercury will spend an uncharacteristically long time in Leo. We will get no relief from this transit until the first week of September.

I don’t believe that I’m going to mind Mercury in Leo so much because I kind of like the grandiosity it brings. It seems to make egomaniacs even more loathsome, and it makes the people who make egomania their shtick even more hilarious (like Dame Edna, my gladioli-loving idol). Pomposity is kinda my gig, too. By the way, did you read my post from a couple of days ago entitled “I’m the best astrologer ever!”?

As long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve adopted that persona. People that know me in real life get it, and most people who read my blogs do, too. However, I do get criticized sometimes by people who don’t understand my shtick. Those people are morons.

Mercury in Leo should also usher in a brief period where we all take grace a little more seriously. So be gracious, even if you’re being a pompous jerk who just wants to make everyone laugh. Avoid Trump-style self-congratulatory behavior for accomplishments that are not your own or easily dismissed as fabrications. For about two weeks, once the sun enters Virgo in late August, the mutual reception phenomenon between the sun and Mercury will shine a light on the truth. Mars emerges from its retrograde phase at the same time, forcing us to confront the reality of our current situation.

Mark my words. The end of summer is going to be a bummer for the sort of people who wouldn’t know what grace was if it slapped them upside the head. It’s also gladiola season. I can’t wait!

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