Sarah Huckabee Sanders (source: NY Daily News)

So, on Friday I published a blog post titled “Mercury Opposite Pluto.” I didn’t really think much about it until this morning when I was figuring out what to write about today. Then it occurred to me what happened on Friday.

The big news story of the day (or at least the story that sucked all the oxygen out of all of the rooms) was about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting asked to leave a restaurant. In fact, it’s still a news story today. As I am writing this post, my local morning news show just rehashed the episode. It’s Tuesday and I live in Canada, far away from Washington, DC. This shouldn’t even be a story up here.

But it is a story because someone didn’t take my advice. Here’s what I wrote:

“It will be easy to play a ‘poor me’ game while this transit occurs. But unless you truly are the aggrieved party, it will be better to keep your thoughts to yourself. Someone out there will be ready to rip you to shreds if your game is to seek sympathy for situations you have created. A reality check may be in your stars, so don’t go begging for pity when you don’t deserve any. What you get back from the universe is going to be exactly what you have given.”

Maybe Sarah Huckabee Sanders ought to start reading my blog. I wouldn’t stop her from doing it, even if the other astrologers voted to stop her from reading it.

I’m a pretty civil guy. I have Libra rising, if you know what I mean . . .

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