Crystal Renn (source: models.com)

June 18 is Crystal Renn’s birthday.

Crystal Renn has an interesting natal chart. I didn’t expect it to pop up on astrotheme.com with a time of birth, but it did. If the time noted is correct, the model has Mars in Capricorn in the first house just a few degrees away from her ascendant. That’s one of those things that jumps out at an astrologer and screams “Talk about me first!”

Mars is exalted in Capricorn and strengthened in the first house. It creates a super-obvious talking point. And yet it distracts from another major player in Renn’s chart: Pluto in Scorpio just a couple of degrees past her midheaven in the tenth house and not far from her Scorpio moon.

With her Gemini sun in the sixth house and nothing else in the sign, I suspect Crystal Renn makes a terrible example of a Gemini native. I bet that she reads her horoscope and wonders why it never sounds right. I follow her on Instagram, and she maintains a low profile. She’s more likely to post cryptic, mysterious photos than to brag about what she’s doing professionally. Of course, I love that about her. There’s nothing I find more repellent than a Gemini who can’t shut up about how great they are.

It is interesting that Crystal Renn has been a muse to Zac Posen, a Scorpio designer. I wish that I had known a little more about her before I published my book because this is the sort of thing I could talk about all day long.

Next time . . .

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