Tory Burch (source: CNBC)

June 15 is Tori Burch’s birthday. I know that today is June 17, but I missed the designer’s birthday because the website famousbirthdays.com is such a disaster.

Anyway, I discuss Tori Burch in the Gemini chapter of “Star Struck Style” not only because she is a Gemini, but also because she seems to regularly find inspiration in the mid-to-late sixties.

Burch and I are the same age, so it’s likely that we grew up watching the same TV shows and the same movies. Although there’s often a thread of Americana running through her designs, I sometimes see the British Invasion in her work. It was impossible to escape the influence of that cultural revolution when we were kids. When we were old enough to begin processing what we were seeing, pop culture had already moved on. However, that didn’t mean that it didn’t become etched into our minds.

I associate London in the sixties to Gemini because of the speed with which the trends moved. I associate most Gemini natives with quick movement, too — many of them change their minds more often than they change their underwear. Tory Burch’s horoscope indicates that she is an exception to the rule. Besides the sun, Mars is the only planet in Gemini in her chart. Both the moon and Venus are in Taurus, and Mercury sits alongside Jupiter in Cancer. I suspect that she is quite stable.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a birth time for Tory Burch. I would love to know what time she is born because the two of us share a few major configurations. I’d like to know why she is a billionaire and I’m not. I’d also like to compare her chart to a few of the other major American designers who have created successful eponymous brands, like Calvin, Ralph and Tommy.

Call me, Tory Burch . . .

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