Fight Club (source: Variety)

I was on Twitter this morning reading through some of yesterday’s ramblings when I stumbled across an argument between a couple of astrologers I follow. I started following a whole bunch of them when I published by latest book back in October. I guess that I was hoping that some of them would read my book and realize that there is something to my brand of sun-sign astrology. I’m an entertaining writer with a unique perspective on the subject. I didn’t believe that I had anything to fear when I reached out to my fellow astrologers.

But that didn’t last long. Man, astrologers like to fight! Twitter is the f***ing worst!

Just last week, I was out with a friend of mine who had just returned from UAC: the big astrology conference held every few years. We talked a little about her experience there before the subject turned to whole sign houses. She knows that I use the Placidus house system because it has worked for me. We both agreed that whatever house system an individual uses doesn’t matter if they are coming to conclusions that support the use of that system. We were talking about astrology as an imperfect art form, not as a rigorous science. The conversation was civil and mature — what you would expect from a couple of adults who have been around for a while.

Conversations like that don’t happen on Twitter. Everyone falls in love with the sound of their own voice — or rather the content of their own Tweets. It’s the most self-aggrandizing place on the internet. Even duck-lipped selfies on Instagram aren’t as obnoxious as the dismissive Tweets from the sort of people who believe that they are clever enough to make their argument in 280 characters. That’s a talent that very few individuals possess.

Anyway, I barely follow any astrologers on Twitter any more. The few I do follow don’t usually get into fights, so I’m going to cut them some slack this time. As I mentioned a couple of posts back, the need to be admired is going to make some people especially obnoxious while Venus is in Leo. Maybe that’s why these people who normally don’t get into arguments in public forums are so eager to prove themselves at the moment.

I’ll stick to my own modus operandi, thanks. I’m just going to keep publishing blog posts about how I’m above all of that while posting dumb Uranus jokes to lighten the mood. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

If you’re not following me on Twitter, it’s your loss.

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