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Rudy Giuliani (source: Politico)

Mars is really slowing down right now, moving less that 9″ a day. On June 26, it goes retrograde at 9°13″ Aquarius, backtracking into Capricorn and not returning to direct motion until late August.

It’s only about two degrees away from my natal Mars at the moment. I’m glad that it’s not any closer because all I feel like doing lately is punching loudmouthed liars in the face. I look at this photo of Rudy Giuliani and all I feel is anger. Just look at those top row veneers covering up the rot and decay evident on his bottom row of teeth. Every time he opens his mouth, he exposes exactly what he is made of, and it isn’t pretty.

Giuliani is a Gemini with a Leo moon. Trump is a Gemini with a Leo rising. As I’m trying to make sense of my bias against so many members of that zodiac sign, I’ve noticed that lethal combination. It’s something I should explore in the future.

But for now I’m going to concentrate on just what this Mars retrograde phase means to me. It’s in my fourth house. I’ve just resolved to get out a little more in order to make the most of the new moon in my ninth house. At the same time, I’m going to have Mars backtracking through the part of my chart that rules over the home. Should I be revisiting issues concerning my domestic situation at the same time? Who knows?

What I really need to do is figure out how this Mars retrograde affects my temperament and my energy levels. I need to worry about comes out of my big mouth, and I need to stop worrying about what blowhards like Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump have to say because they have far less impact on my life than the people in my immediate environment.

Perhaps I should be yelling at those people to shut up instead? Or maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself.

Hmm . . .

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