Luella Bartley (source: The Cut)

May 4 is Luella Bartley’s birthday.

Or at least I think it’s Luella Bartley’s birthday. The always-unreliable website Famous Birthdays has her listed as a Gemini. Last year, I noticed that people were sending her birthday wishes on Instagram on this day, confirming that she’s a Taurus. Today, her staff surprised her with a birthday party. I suppose that we can all assume that today is really her birthday.

I discuss her briefly in “Star Struck Style.” I believe that she is one of the most underrated forces in fashion. She has a grasp on trends that seems almost supernatural: she knows where fashion is headed before anyone else. I also mention that Taurus designers make the best employees, and how wise it can be to install a Taurus designer at a label that does not bear his or her name. From all appearances, Luella seems to be as reliable as the day is long.

I’d provide you with even more of my incredible insights, but I’ve got a lot of things to do today. And you can learn everything you need to know by clicking the link above and buying my book. If you haven’t yet, that’s your problem.

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