Vivienne Westwood by Mattia Passeri (source: Wikipedia)

April 8 is Vivienne Westwood’s birthday.

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Vivienne Westwood fan. She’s quite brusque and dismissive of other people’s opinions. To me, she represents almost everything I find obnoxious about Aries natives.

I figured that she probably had a chart like mine, heavy on the cardinal influences but maybe missing the Libra component (the same way that mine is missing the Aries component). I was right about her lack of Libra planetary placements, but I was wrong about the cardinal influences.

Instead, she has an Aries sun, a Leo moon and Sagittarius rising. This triple fire combo endows the legendary designer with a fiery, take-no-prisoners personality. Contrast that with my triple cardinal combo (sun in Capricorn; moon in Cancer; Libra rising), and you couldn’t come up with a more conflicting combo. I’m like the judge who presides over juvenile hall, and she’s the juvenile delinquent who rolls her eyes every time I ask her if she’s heard what I’ve said.

I don’t believe that she’s a bad designer. In fact, I sing her praises in “Star Struck Style.” Does that mean that we would get along if we ever met in real life? Probably not. I’d spend every moment telling her to see my side of the argument, and she would spend every moment telling me to go fuck myself.

I know this. It was written in the stars.

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