The Rolling Stones - Exhibitionism Opening Night
Marc Jacobs (source: InStyle)

April 9 is Marc Jacobs’ birthday.

I sometimes criticize Marc Jacobs because he runs his label in a manner that seems reckless to me. We’re really different people, and that’s reflected in our natal charts — I think.

I don’t have a birth time for Marc Jacobs. Sometimes that doesn’t really matter when you’re making snap judgments about someone based upon the positions of their natal planets. At other times, you can glean a lot of information from things like the position of the moon and Mercury in combination with the sun sign.

Jacobs’ moon, however, could be in Libra or it could be in Scorpio. The former placement is far more likely (about an 80% chance). But if Jacobs was born close to midnight — in the morning or the evening — his natal moon would either oppose his natal sun or his natal Mercury. Mercury, on the other hand, moved from Aries to Taurus late on the day of Jacobs’ birth, forming close aspects with Jupiter and Uranus.

It’s a crapshoot even trying to figure out his chart. I can say that I’m not at all surprised to see that he has Mars in Leo. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see that he has a Sagittarius rising like yesterday’s birthday girl, Vivienne Westwood. That would put his sun in the fifth house, Mars in the ninth, and it would give his chart that fiery quality that rubs me the wrong way. We’re just different people, despite having a lot in common.

Anyway, I’d love to know what time Marc Jacobs was born. It’s a dream of mine that some more of these famous characters would somehow stumble across my blog and send me the information I need to cast an accurate birth chart. Whenever that actually happens, I usually find myself sworn to secrecy. I’ve done a few charts for famous people, but with the typical expectation of privacy an astrologer would grant a client.

I just need to keep plugging away at this. Eventually someone’s going to notice what I’m doing . . .

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