Sophie Ellis-Bextor (source: Play FM)

April 10 is Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s birthday.

I’m sure that most North Americans have no idea who Sophie Ellis-Bextor is. I don’t believe that she’s ever really had a hit on this side of the Atlantic. Of course, I adore her because she started out her career as a disco queen. A couple of mixes of her greatest hits, “Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer” and “Murder on the Dance Floor,” are easily amongst the most-played tracks on my iTunes account.

I don’t know much about her personally. I did just read that she has four sons. That seems like a suitable fate for an Aries native who also has Mars in Aries. I also get Kristen Stewart/Georgina Chapman vibes when I look at her because her face can handle a ton of makeup, and yet most makeup artists try to make her look soft and romantic.

If Sophie-Ellis Bextor was born in the last couple of hours of the day, she would share a Libra moon with the two aforementioned celebrities. That would make a lot of sense to me. Unfortunately, this is just another instance of a star whose time of birth isn’t listed on

It’s too bad that I have to resort to speculation so often on this blog, but I guess it’s half the fun. Once in a while, I return to a chart after a couple of years and discover that an accurate birth time has been added to the profile. Although I can’t say that I’m always right, I do believe that I’ve got a pretty good track record when I’m spitballing like this. I suppose that’s what you get when you’ve put decades into a project.


  1. I agree with your hyppothesis, my ex is a libra. I reconize some criterias like charms, beauty, creativity, same physical appearance face, morphology thin and tall.


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