Star Struck Style

Vivienne_Westwood_by_Mattia_PasseriVivienne Westwood by Mattia Passeri (source: Wikipedia)

April 8 is Vivienne Westwood’s birthday.

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Vivienne Westwood fan. She’s quite brusque and dismissive of other people’s opinions. To me, she represents almost everything I find obnoxious about Aries natives.

I figured that she probably had a chart like mine, heavy on the cardinal influences but maybe missing the Libra component (the same way that mine is missing the Aries component). I was right about her lack of Libra planetary placements, but I was wrong about the cardinal influences.

Instead, she has an Aries sun, a Leo moon and Sagittarius rising. This triple fire combo endows the legendary designer with a fiery, take-no-prisoners personality. Contrast that with my triple cardinal combo (sun in Capricorn; moon in Cancer; Libra rising), and you couldn’t come up with a more conflicting combo. I’m like the judge…

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