Jane Fonda (source: Discogs)

Uranus is trine my natal Mercury in a few hours. The sun just moved into my seventh house about five minutes ago, too. It should come as no surprise that I just had a great idea about how to leverage some of my personal experiences into a new venture.

The seventh house traditionally rules over partnerships. While I’m not suddenly compelled to seek out a new partnership, I feel like “partnering” with myself to combine my expertise in the field of fitness with my skills as an astrologer. The seventh house also rules over the alter ego. Perhaps it’s time to take on another “personality.”

I may have touched upon fitness in my latest book, but I actually have developed a rather grand theory about why people choose the activities they do in order to be fit. Just like fashion astrology which takes the sun sign, the rising sign and the placement of Venus into account, fitness astrology actually has some rules that align with the traditions of astrology.

Anyway, that’s all you’re going to get for now. I’m going to work on this project. About a week ago, I published a post about synchronicity. Then, just the other day, I was telling my class at the gym about how meeting Jane Fonda changed my life. Then this idea popped into my head.

As the saying goes, the universe works in mysterious ways.

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