Adrienne Barbeau (source: Il Cineocchio)

I believe that this is a picture of Adrienne Barbeau in “The Fog.” I found it on an Italian website, so I’m not quite sure. Nevertheless, the confused look on the actress’ face perfectly illustrates the week ahead.

There are no planets in the air signs at the moment, and a whole bunch in water signs. Nothing much changes this week except for the position of the moon. In fact, the only real news this week is the full moon on Thursday.

Expect a foggy, muddled couple of days mid-week. I don’t believe that people will be making the best decisions for themselves right now because they’ll be trusting their gut feelings rather than thinking things through. The fog will start to burn off once Mercury and Venus enter Aries on March 6. Until then, it might be wise to accept the fact that not everything is as it appears right now. Clarity is what’s missing in the cosmos at the moment.

The full moon may bring a crisis of perception vs. reality on Thursday. Actually, this entire week is going to be filled with distorted perceptions, imaginary monsters and challenges to reality. Stay out of the fog if you can.

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