Keren Craig (source: Vogue)

February 27 is Keren Craig’s birthday.

Keren Craig is one half of the design duo known as Marchesa. Along with her Aries counterpart, Georgina Chapman, the pair have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Chapman is in the midst of divorce from Harvey Weinstein.

Just the other day, I read this article that discussed some of the changes that Marchesa has had to make in the wake of the Weinstein scandal. I admit that I haven’t really been keeping up with the news, so I was surprised to learn that a few actresses had felt pressured to wear Marchesa to public events by Harvey Weinstein.

That’s really too bad. The Marchesa designers are terrific at what they do and they really didn’t need that sort of help. In my latest book, I discuss Marchesa as a Pisces label because of the connection between Keren Craig and the dreamy, fairy-princess looks Marchesa sends onto the red carpet. Today is also Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday. If she were alive today, I can imagine that she would probably be in Marchesa every day.

Of course, most discussions of Marchesa are not going to be about Keren Craig, but about Georgina Chapman and how much she knew about Harvey Weinstein’s indiscretions. I haven’t looked into her chart, but before any of this happened (and before a Taurus First Lady set foot in the White House), I wrote a section in “Star Struck Style” that discusses Taurean complicity. It makes me wonder if Chapman has any Taurus influences in her chart. The likelihood is high because she has an Aries sun.

It’s something I need to look into. I’ll get back to this on Chapman’s birthday on April 14.

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