Anna Dello Russo (source: The New York Times)

I read a story in the “New York Times” today that claims that Anna Dello Russo is giving up on her street-style persona.

I like Anna Dello Russo and I like what Anna Dello Russo did for fashion. She was the original street-style superstar. In “Star Struck Style,” I compare her to her fellow Aries, Lady Gaga, because she played the paparazzi like a virtuoso. Like Gaga, however, the fashion icon has a lot more to offer the world than just a look. She told the “Times” that the street style phenomenon was “the best revolution this industry has ever had,” adding that “We’re still in the transition phase, but the next generation should appreciate visibility is not the only route to success.”

If you read my exceptionally bitchy post yesterday, you probably know how exciting it is for me to see my words echoed in this statement. What’s more, if you read my prediction for Saturn’s ingress through Capricorn from back in December, you’ll know that I saw this coming.

As a creator of original content and someone who is doing something wholly original, I’m frustrated to be competing with people who have nothing to offer but an image they’ve essentially stolen from a creator. Since I published my first book eighteen years ago, I’ve been ripped off incessantly. People who play the social media game deserve kudos for doing a good job at self-promotion, but people who actually create the content deserve credit when they do create.

Anna Dello Russo was a revolutionary, just as an Aries woman should be. But when someone like her can see that a trend has lived long past its due date, it’s time for all of us to let it go. We need to embrace originality in all its forms, and stop practicing this “look at me” con job on social media platforms that allows us to trade upon the talents of others. More importantly, designers need to focus on the people who pay for their clothes, not the people who borrow them.

Ah, it feels good to be right. Now click the link above and buy my fucking book.

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