Chita Rivera in “Sweet Charity” (source: Wikipedia)

January 23 is Chita Rivera’s birthday.

I only really know Chita Rivera for one thing: the film in the photo above. I’m sure that anyone else who has seen “Sweet Charity” has the same image of the star fixed into their consciousness, too. What a number!

But I also know that Chita Rivera has been a Broadway fixture for decades. I had a look at her chart to see if anything jumped out at me. Although astrotheme.com doesn’t list a birth time for the performer, a few elements in her chart came as no surprise.

Rivera has the sun fairly close to Saturn in Aquarius, but it’s not as tight as the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Virgo. Besides all that, she has both Mercury and Venus in Capricorn, and about a 75% chance of having the moon in Capricorn.

It’s the chart of a workhorse — an energetic workhorse, at that! When I went looking for a photo to illustrate this post, I came across a Facebook notification that Chita Rivera will be performing her one-woman show in Tuscon, Arizona tonight, on her eighty-fifth birthday.

I’m the sort of person who cannot fathom the idea of retiring. I’d like to figure out where that comes from in a natal chart. Unfortunately, it’s something that I would only be able to investigate fully with an accurate birth time that revealed the house positions of Rivera’s natal planets. Nevertheless, I’m curious about the Mercury/Pluto opposition at 23° Capricorn/22° Cancer. That’s my midheaven axis. Perhaps there’s something there I need to look into.

Anyway, I’m going to watch Chita Rivera singing “Big Spender” to celebrate this special day. I suggest that you do the same. That shit never grows old.

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