Hedi Slimane (source: BoF)

Over the weekend, the news broke that Hedi Slimane will take over design duties at Céline. According to Nicole Phelps at vogue.com, his title will be “artistic, creative, and image director.”

Just a few weeks ago, I published a post about Phoebe Philo when I discovered that she is a Capricorn. I thought it was interesting that she shares her sign with Alexander Wang and Raf Simons, two other designers that I discuss in the Aries chapter of “Star Struck Style.”

Hedi Slimane, however, is a Cancer — the opposite sign of the zodiac. So how does that bode for him at a label that is synonymous with modernity and economy? Not well, in my opinion. Nevertheless, I’ve been wrong about him before.

When Slimane took over design duties at Yves Saint Laurent, he did what he always does. The guy has an eye for retro looks befitting his nostalgic zodiac sign. Capricorns can be nostalgic, too, but usually their fondness for the past is expressed through kitsch. I’m a Capricorn and I just wrote a post about how much I revere the movie “Roller Boogie.” I adore kitsch!

His plan was executed quite brilliantly. He changed the name of the clothing line to “Saint Laurent” and he targeted the same cool kids that he has always targeted. If nothing else, he brought hype to the brand as a whole. I’m not sure that the clothing sales were that spectacular because I do a lot of shopping on Mr. Porter, and his menswear didn’t seem to move until it went on sale. I can’t say the same about his womenswear because I wasn’t paying attention.

So, I’ll give him credit where credit is due. I just don’t believe that he’s right for one of the most forward-looking labels in fashion. He could prove me wrong. Alessandro Michele at Gucci proves me wrong all the time. I never would have thought that his juvenile approach to the luxury-goods business would resonate with such a wide audience, but it does. Perhaps I’m too far away from the fashion capitals to see it for myself because all I see where I live is kids clad in cheap Gucci knockoffs. But the sales figures don’t lie. The guy has been a virtual cash machine for Kering, Gucci’s parent company.

Maybe Slimane will do the same thing for Céline and it’s parent, LVMH. Even though I have truly grown to appreciate what he does, I just don’t think it will be a good fit. At least that’s what the stars are telling me!

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