Roller Boogie (source: Facebook)

January 22 is Linda Blair’s birthday.

I have an unusual obsession with the movie “Roller Boogie.” I remember taking the bus downtown when I was a kid to see it in December of 1979. I was with my cousin Debbie and my sister Karen. It was just after Christmas, so I would have been thirteen years-old, just about to turn fourteen. I even remember finding a five-dollar bill on the floor of the washroom at the theater.

Anyway, I think I knew that it was sort of terrible back then. Still, I have to credit the film for awakening my love of camp. It was around that time that I started to appreciate things that were so bad that they were good. Even as a kid, I had impressive critical faculties. I suppose that they developed alongside my tremendous sense of humility. I know, right?

But I digress! “Roller Boogie” is in my triumvirate of terrible films, along with “Showgirls” and the world’s most-hilarious unintentional comedy, “Outbreak.” It turned me into a lifelong fan of Linda Blair, even though I have no idea what she’s done with herself since starring in “Roller Boogie.”

So, I looked her up on Facebook. That’s where I pinched the photo I posted above. I wanted to know what she has been up to because her chart is sort of incredible right now. Saturn is atop her natal Saturn by about a degree. The sun, of course, is conjunct her natal sun. And Mercury is also in it’s natal position. On top of all that, both Venus and Jupiter are in the same signs they were on the day that she was born.

It’s like deja vu all over again! I wanted to leave a message on her Facebook page to let her know about this interesting time in her life, but I also don’t want her know that I became a fan of hers because I thought that “Roller Boogie” was hilariously bad. I like her too much to do that. Instead, I’ll just wish her the best and hope that this odd alignment of planets finds her healthy, happy and glad to be alive.

I often hear other astrologers wish each other “Happy solar return!” I want to wish Linda Blair a happy solar return, too, but also a happy Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn return, plus a happy lunar return later in the week. It’s a fateful time in her life, and for all the joy “Roller Boogie” has given me, I hope that nothing but good fortune comes her way.

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