I wrote this a year ago and I’m still quite thrilled with what I had to say back then.

Star Struck Style

malcom-mclarenMalcolm McLaren (source: The Times)

January 22 is Malcolm McLaren’s birthday.

In my last post, I discussed how Aquarius natives can be let down by sun-sign astrology because Aquarius is the weakest position of the sun — any astrologer knows that. Still, we have to look at the sun and figure out its importance in a chart, just like we have to prioritize every other chart factor. Sun signs are important. Someone needs to talk about them!

I was just looking at Malcolm McLaren’s natal chart. Of any individual in the 20th century, no had a better understanding of the relationship between music and fashion. Sure, he had his critics, but he knew exactly what he was doing when he mined the trends and pointed us all in the direction he wanted us to go.

What I found confusing about his chart was his close conjunction (less than a…

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