"Brite Night Whitney" Annual Fundraising Gala
Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy (source: People)

January 7 is Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s birthday.

I wrote an interesting post about Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy on my old blog. Until I read it just a moment ago, I forgot that she was born just a day after me.

We share almost everything in our natal charts, including our Cancer moon signs. I was born just before the full moon; she was born just after the full moon.

Our rising signs, however, are different. Bessette-Kennedy had Aquarius rising, placing our shared Venus/Mars conjunction in her first house with Mars very close to her ascending degree. I would consider it to be a hallmark of her chart, just like I consider my third house Mercury and ninth house Jupiter (in mutual reception) a hallmark of my own chart.

That Martian influence manifested itself strongly in Bessette-Kennedy. In both my old book and my new book, I discuss the relationship between nineties minimalism and Mars, Aries and the designer Calvin Klein. In retrospect, Bessette-Kennedy has become an icon of minimalistic nineties glamour. The fact that she actually worked for Calvin Klein only strengthens my argument.

You know, sometimes I’m so good at this stuff it scares me!

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