Kim Jong-Un (source: Time)

January 8 is Kim Jong-Un’s birthday.

Until just a moment ago, I had never bothered to look up Kim Jong-Un’s zodiac sign. When I saw him on a list of celebrity birthdays this morning, I was sort of excited to know that he’s a Capricorn like me. I probably don’t share that much with him otherwise, but I do share his contempt for Donald Trump. I shouldn’t pick sides, but . . .

I’m kidding — they’re both fucking lunatics! But at least Kim Jong-Un has some similarities to Elvis Presley in his chart: both the sun and Mercury in Capricorn and a Pisces moon. Maybe if things don’t work out for the Supreme Leader of North Korea he can move to Las Vegas. Britney Spears just ended her residency at Planet Hollywood, so I hear that there is an opening.

I don’t suppose that he believes in astrology, but the way he is looking skyward in the photo I posted above makes me wonder. The only time Donald Trump poses like that is when he staring directly into an eclipse.

Fashion-wise, I’m not sure what to think about his personal style. I suppose that I should applaud him for creating a “brand” all his own. That’s what many of the best-dressed Capricorns do, despite being characterized as “classic” or “boring” by many astrologers who aren’t me.

That makes think that I should change my title from “Astrological Style Expert” to “Supreme Leader of Astrological Style.” It’s too bad that I just ordered new business cards. What was I thinking?

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