Greg Polkosnik

Here’s a photo of me from a few years ago when I had a little more hair. It’s a candid shot. I can’t exactly remember what I was doing when the picture was taken — maybe I was preparing to swat away those pesky orbs of light that seem to follow me everywhere I go.

Anyway, it’s my birthday today. I used to be annoyed that my birthday was just after the holidays, but now that I’m older, I kind of like it. For a lot of people, January 6 is the final day of the holiday season. It’s back to the same old, same old after today. I’m a guy who thrives on routine, so I welcome the return to a more-normal schedule. Mostly, I want to visit the mall in the middle of the week and be the only person there. All these people and their bratty kids who have had time off from work and school can finally bugger off.

Although I discuss myself incessantly on this blog, it’s mostly for the sake of comparison. I understand how certain chart factors affect me, so it’s important for me to use that knowledge to understand others. Astrologers who never discuss themselves make me suspicious, like that patient of Dr. Lechter on “Hannibal” who can’t understand why Hannibal doesn’t want to be his friend. Spoiler alert! Hannibal breaks his neck. Enough said?

But I digress! I actually do want to talk about myself a little. I don’t often make to-do lists. I don’t write in a journal. I don’t have a vision board. Nevertheless, I’m going to make a list of a few goals I would like to achieve in the upcoming year. Maybe next year when I revisit this post, I’ll have accomplished a few of them. You never know!

#1: I would like to lose some body fat. I’ve bulked up since I’ve been unemployed. It’s mostly muscle, but losing a little fat would make my clothes fit a little better. Yes, I’m vain.

#2: I would like a job. I’ve applied for plenty. Yesterday, I lowered my standards and applied for a job that doesn’t pay that much. The last time I did that, I ended up working at the same place for ten years while finding a way to make decent money anyway. It’s close to home, the hours are good and I can wear my fabulous clothes there. Who knows? It all might work out for the best.

#3: I would like to start a podcast to promote my various endeavors as an astrological style expert. I’ve already got the ball rolling on this one. My friend Tracy is on board with the project. We need a name, though. If anyone has a suggestion, I’d love to hear it.

#4: I would like to figure out a better way to promote my book. I’m sort of floundering right now. The fear of rejection gets to me. It would be nice if my friends and acquaintances would help me out more, but I’ve got to rely on myself if I don’t want to be disappointed. No one owes me anything.

#5: I would like to get a giant tattoo that would horrify my mother.

That’s it for now. I’ll stay true to my Capricorn nature and keep this list short enough to be workable. Wish me luck!


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