Carrie Ann Inaba (source: Remember Me Thursday)

January 5 is Carrie Ann Inaba’s birthday.

Carrie Ann Inaba and I have a lot in common. We’re both Capricorns with our natal suns less than a degree apart (my birthday is tomorrow). We both have Mars in Aquarius, Neptune in Scorpio, and both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. It’s also likely that she has a watery moon. Mine is in Cancer. Hers is probably in Pisces, unless she was born in the last few hours of the day.

We have a mutual friend who is a Libra. I’d love to know her birth time because I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that she has Libra rising. There is something about her bearing that reminds me of myself. Julie Chen, who also shares my birthday, is rumored to have a Libra rising. Watching Carrie Ann guest host on “The Talk” is interesting to me because she reminds me so much of Julie Chen. They’re both articulate, composed and sort of quietly hilarious. She has also guest-hosted “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Kelly is a Libra and Ryan is a Capricorn. The natural rapport she shares with both hosts also confirms my suspicions.

Carrie Ann is an animal lover, too. She recently became a vegetarian. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was nineteen. That makes me want to ask her “What took you so long?” The one thing that makes me almost sure that she has a Pisces moon is the way in which she is so comfortable wearing gowns. In my new book, I call Pisces one of the gown signs. I don’t believe that wearing gowns is a normal state of affairs for Capricorn women. In fact, many female Capricorn fashion icons actually shun gowns. Like me, she has also never been married (although she’s been engaged a few times). That’s not unusual for someone with the sun in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius.

She is also fifty years-old today. I’m always bragging about how great I look for my age — I know, right? But I didn’t get to be this good-looking without constant, diligent upkeep. Carrie Ann is well-preserved because she takes care of herself. Her appearance speaks for itself. Like most Capricorns, she seems to get better with age.

Anyway, it would be great to know what time she was born. If our mutual friend stumbles across this post on Facebook, I would be thrilled if he could pass it along to Carrie Ann. Inquiring minds want to know!

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