Noomi Rapace (source: Celeb Mafia)

December 28 is Noomi Rapace’s birthday.

I get excited every time I come across a celebrity that shares a few natal-chart features with me. Yesterday, it was Wilson Cruz with his sun in Capricorn/Mercury in Sagittarius/Venus in Aquarius combo. Today it’s Noomi Rapace with the exact same configuration.

I suppose it’s my job to find these similarities and figure out the qualities they contribute to an individual who possesses them. So what do the three of us have in common?

Well, I know that we all work out a lot. I’ve been a fitness trainer for more than thirty years. When I Google images of Wilson Cruz, every second photo of him that pops up has the actor wearing a Speedo, showing off the results of his time in the gym. Noomi Rapace is very fit, too. Yesterday I watched “What Happened to Monday” on Netflix (for some reason, it’s called “Seven Sisters” in Canada). I couldn’t believe how awesome her body looked, but I was even more impressed by the stunts she was able to perform. She is fit!

So, maybe there’s something there. But then I started to think about something else. I think all three of us are sort of reluctant show-offs. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but bear with me. For as much as I care about my appearance, I don’t take a zillion selfies and plaster pictures of myself all over social media. When I do know I’m going to be in front of an audience, I go out of my way to put on a show — like Noomi Rapace in the photo above.

I had a look at Wilson Cruz’s Instagram. He seems to be super well-dressed at red-carpet events, too. But what I didn’t see was a bunch of gratuitous, look-at-me photos. So then I went to Noomi Rapace’s Instagram to discover that she hasn’t posted anything in two years. I don’t take pictures of myself, either, although I’m thrilled with how I look for my age. I’m hardly a shrinking violet. I’m the guy who wears spandex to the gym because it is functional and I don’t look gross in it, but I’m also the guy who leaves my phone at home when I go to the gym. I have never taken a single photo of myself working out.

I would expect that Venus in Aquarius would impart an individual with the desire to promote the more-superficial aspects of their personality on social media. But none of us actually do that. Perhaps this combination endows the three of us with something else. Aquarius can be the sign of emotional detachment. Maybe we avoid putting our images out there because we don’t need the ego-gratification that many other people seek. I probably don’t need to say this, but I can be tremendously self-satisfied. I can also be self-loathing and too hard on myself, but usually the former scenario prevails.

Anyway, it’s interesting to see these similarities in our charts, and it’s even more interesting to speculate about what they could mean. The sun is in Capricorn for another three weeks or so, so get ready for more posts about how much I resemble all of these fabulous celebrities.

That’s why you came here, right?

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