Star Struck Style

noomi-rapace-at-bafta-awards-in-london-uk-2-12-2017-1Noomi Rapace (source: Celeb Mafia)

December 28 is Noomi Rapace’s birthday.

I get excited every time I come across a celebrity that shares a few natal-chart features with me. Yesterday, it was Wilson Cruz with his sun in Capricorn/Mercury in Sagittarius/Venus in Aquarius combo. Today it’s Noomi Rapace with the exact same configuration.

I suppose it’s my job to find these similarities and figure out the qualities they contribute to an individual who possesses them. So what do the three of us have in common?

Well, I know that we all work out a lot. I’ve been a fitness trainer for more than thirty years. When I Google images of Wilson Cruz, every second photo of him that pops up has the actor wearing a Speedo, showing off the results of his time in the gym. Noomi Rapace is very fit, too. Yesterday I watched “What Happened to Monday”…

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