Mercury (source: Forbes)

I found this photo of a classic Mercury while I was searching for an image to illustrate this post. Automakers ought to resurrect some of these classic car names instead of coming up with the forgettable bullshit they seem to use nowadays. When was the last time a new car was introduced to the market with a name that instantly entered the lexicon as a “classic”? I don’t know, either.

Anyway, Mercury cruises into my third house this afternoon. My natal Mercury actually resides in the third house, so this yearly transit always results in a conjunction. However, with Mercury going retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius on December 4, the planet will make three conjunctions to itself over the next couple of months. It will also make three oppositions to my natal Jupiter in Gemini, and a single conjunction to my natal sun in late January. That’s a lot of action, but my third house is 38º wide, so it does see a lot of action.

Typically, Mercury is weak in Sagittarius, but in my chart it is in opposition to Jupiter in Gemini from the third to the ninth house. The opposition is reinterpreted as a conjunction because the planets are in mutual reception. What’s more, they are in their strongest house positions, so the effect of the mutual reception is amplified. It makes this configuration the hallmark of my chart because of its rarity.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter reveals a know-it-all personality, but it also indicates someone who probably does know a lot. Honestly, I don’t talk much about things that I don’t understand, but I can’t shut up about the things that I do know.

So expect to be dazzled by know-it-allism over the next couple of months. Except for a brief period when Mercury slips back into my second house for about ten days in December, I’m going to be more obnoxiously confident about myself than usual. Once the sun and Saturn slip into Capricorn around the same time, I should be even more insufferable.

But maybe you should sit back and listen to me for a while because I can be quite perceptive. I can’t fight my destiny. The stars have made me this way.

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  1. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    Mercury entered my third house this morning. This time, however, it will enter my fourth house for a couple of days before it backtracks into my third house around New Year’s Day. It won’t reenter my fourth house again until February, so everyone better get accustomed to me being a know-it-all — if they weren’t used to it already!


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