Anne Hathaway (source: Classy & Fabulous)

November 12 is Anne Hathaway’s birthday.

The “hardest” signs of the zodiac — as far as fashion is concerned — are Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. I don’t expect to see the members of these signs in the sort of fragile frippery you would see on an Alberta Ferretti runway, for instance. All three are feminine signs, but all three tend to dress both defensively and discretely, armoring themselves rather than exposing their vulnerabilities.

For that reason, I’m not surprised that Anne Hathaway has developed an ongoing relationship with Giorgio Armani and the Armani Privé label. It’s “hard.” I don’t get people who look at the brand and think that it’s irrelevant because it courts a client who is a little longer in the tooth than a line like Gucci. I look at Armani’s various labels and I take solace in the fact that someone is making clothes for people who can afford clothes. Giorgio Armani isn’t an accessories brand masquerading as a fashion label. It’s the real deal: a go-to clothing line for the sort of women who work hard to pay for their own clothes.

Now I’m sure that Anne Hathaway doesn’t have to pay to wear Armani, but she probably would if she had to. She has an interesting chart, with several planets in Scorpio. However, the hallmark feature of her chart is Mars in Capricorn, not only exalted by sign, but positioned in the first house. She also has a stellium in Scorpio, but her Scorpio sun is weakened by its eleventh house position. Her elevated Libra moon is also somewhat weakened by its tenth house position — just another reason why I look at Mars as the highlight of her chart.

That gives her a Capricorn/Scorpio vibe. So why is she the face of a brand I associate with Cancer? Again, the similarities between the three signs have to do with defensiveness and discretion, qualities the actress represents with her red carpet wardrobe. She’s a great muse for Mr. Armani. I hope that he doesn’t kick her to the curb now that she has reached the ripe old age of thirty-five. She’s finally growing into her own sense of style.

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