Trump & Putin (source: Business Insider)

No, I’m not talking about these two buffoons. I’m talking about Venus and Jupiter.

Late tonight or early tomorrow morning (depending upon where you live), Venus catches up with Jupiter in Scorpio. Astronomically speaking, it’s a cool event, but not an uncommon one. The planets meet up every thirteen months. If the sky is clear where you live, you can probably see it just before sunrise. Venus and Jupiter are the brightest objects in the sky after the sun and the moon. Look to the east and you’ll have no problem finding the two planets sitting next to one another. Also, Mars is visible in the morning sky right now. Tomorrow it should be visible right between Jupiter and the crescent moon.

Astrologically speaking, it’s a big event for people who have something significant sitting around 7º 30″ Scorpio in their natal charts. Otherwise, it’s just a good day for feeling good. I stand by my previous assertion that this month is especially Karmic, so if watching creepy guys getting what they deserve on cable news programs makes you feel good, enjoy yourself.

However, avoid being smug at the moment. There’s an “Emperor’s New Clothes” vibe to this week that can backfire on you. It’s going to be far too easy this week to feel as if you’re on top of the world when you may actually be teetering on the edge of an epic fall. Saturn’s last five weeks in Sagittarius before it enters Capricorn indicate that the power structure is about to undergo a big change.

Let’s hope so. I’m tired of the two guys in that photo pretending that everything they do is for the common good. It’s time to expose these wannabe emperors for what they are.

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