Sanders holds the daily briefing at the White House in Washington
Sarah Huckabee Sanders (source: AOL)

A couple of months ago, I blogged that I was going to be sticking my head in the sand for a while because I couldn’t stand watching what was going on with American politics. A couple of weeks ago, I composed a post warning that we would be entering a Karmic period where plenty of people would be getting exactly what they deserved. A few days later, the first charges were filed in the Mueller investigation.

I believe that things are going to get crazy in the next couple of weeks. Mercury enters its detriment in Sagittarius this afternoon. Detriment is not only a position where a planet is weakened, but also a position where a planet performs poorly. Mercury in Sagittarius can lead to both mixed messages and muddled messages. With the planet spending an uncharacteristically long time in the sign due to its retrograde phase, we’ve got two long months of this ahead of us. What’s worse is that Mercury is going to meet up with Saturn a couple of times during this cycle, just as Saturn makes its last stand in idealistic Sagittarius.

This ugly, ugly fight south of the border is just going to get uglier. The so-called “fake news” is going to be flying. However, most of it won’t be fake. Instead, it will be the sort of shit-hits-the-fan stuff that we saw just this week in the brief scandal surrounding Donna Brazile and the Democratic National Committee. Before anyone has the chance to verify and/or contextualize the news of the day, it will be embraced by the ideologues on one side of the spectrum and dismissed by the ideologues on the other.

Of course, that’s already happening. But what might be different over the next two months is the reaction to the news. Sagittarius is a reckless place. Over the past couple of years, Saturn has been plodding through the sign, encouraging the sort of extreme partisanship we’ve seen developing in so-called democratic societies. Mercury’s influence may be the trigger for action that some of the more radical elements on either side of the spectrum.  “Speak first, think later” is the planet’s modus operandi.

Hopefully, this will only erupt into a war of words and nothing more. But mark my words: it’s going to get uglier than ever. Just rest assured that with Saturn moving into Capricorn on December 20, and Jupiter already in Scorpio for the next year or so, these institutions are going to right themselves. There might be a figurative bloodbath first, but when it’s all said and done, the people in charge won’t have to yell “fake news” every time they hear something that challenges their fucked-up ideals.

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