New Phototastic Collage
Conchita Wurst & Emma Stone (source: Albin Olsson & Eva Rinaldi)

November 6 is the birthday of both Conchita Wurst and Emma Stone.

It’s fun to find two celebrities born on the exact same day. In this case, actually has birth times listed for both Conchita Wurst and Emma Stone. I can’t be sure that they’re accurate, but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and discuss them as if they are.

The two performers were born only a few hours apart, but about eight times zones apart. Stone was born first, and her Mercury sits in the last degree of Libra. Wurst was born a few hours later, and her Mercury is in the first degree of Scorpio.

Mercury in Libra can make an individual into a people-pleasing diplomat. Stone’s Mercury is also in the third house, making her into a natural communicator and the sort of person who will likely dabble in several somewhat-related careers over the course of a lifetime. It’s a jack-of-all-trades chart position. As long as she is receiving positive feedback for her various endeavors, she’ll continue to branch out.

Mercury in Scorpio is a little darker. Wurst’s Mercury sits in her sixth house. The idea that she has explored the complexity of her gender identity under the scrutiny of the public is unusual for someone with a sixth house Mercury. In almost every house position, Mercury in Scorpio would make this into a very personal journey. In Wurst’s case, gender expression is more of a conceptual concern. Conchita Wurst is a social construct, not the actual identity of a trans woman. The sixth house is a place where discussions of concepts take place. Nothing is entered into haphazardly, which is unusual when the topic is Mercury.

There are other differences in these two charts, of course, but this is a big one. It’s fun to see something so profound in the horoscopes of two people who could be living parallel lives.

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